Over 200 Participants Register for the Dallas All American Tryout

Saturday,  November 16th will mark the first ever All American Team tryout/showcase for ages 9u-14u. This grand event will take place at the Big League Dreams Sports Complex in Mansfield, TX just outside of Dallas. Players will have the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of current major league scouts and MLB executives who will be running the tryout. Players will be selected from this workout, as well as over 20 different locations across the country to represent their region in the All American Games in the summer of 2014 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Orlando, Florida.

For more information visit the website at www.AllAmericanTeam.com


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  1. Jose Garcia says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I understand the weather in the south makes it possible for warm climate areas to play baseball in the winter months but I think it’s unfair that those areas can have tryouts for the All American try-outs in November . Most teams don’t have other baseball games and tournaments going on in winter months. I think that makes it a complete advantage for the southern teams. I looked at try-out dates for my sons region ( great lakes ) and I believe it’s in July !!!!! While southern teams are all organized with their teams northern teams are just starting try-outs ! If you guys want this to be fair for next year you guys should make ALL REGIONS have try-outs during summer months. I’m upset that my sons traveling team is already committed to a tournament the same weekend as the try-out in Michigan so we probably wont be able to make it to the try-outs. I’m guessing whoever is in charge of this is obviously from a southern state. I’m guessing the best players in northern regions will not participate in these games cause the try-out interferes with their traveling team schedule !!! While the southern states try-outs doesn’t interfere with their schedule at all.

    All I’m getting at is if you want this to be fair then everyone should get their teams organized at about the same time. Not South region teams 8 MONTHS before northern teams.

    This will obviously be a southern dominated weekend since they will be the only ones with their regions top players participating in the tournament Since Northern region top players are probably committed to other tournaments during the same weekend as the try-outs causing them not to be able to participate in this tournament.

    And just a suggestion, how about 2015 All American Youth games be held in Wisconsin Dells area at the Woodside Sports Complex. Why should Florida always get all the glory of holding the top tournaments .

    • Please visit the All American Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/allamericanbaseballteam for weather updates. Facilities are often selected based on their availability as well as proximity to metropolitan areas which are on major trunk routes. Many players and teams travel across the country in and out of the season.

    • @ JOSE GARCIA:
      Stop your crying. It’s parents like you that give youth baseball a bad taste in the mouths of people.

      I am sure that lots of planning at consideration is taken when the schedules are calculated. FYI: In the summer months MANY kids are representing their city in ALL STARS. Your suggestion would just cause more headaches.

      ADMIN: Please keep the schedules as planned and please DO NOT let a sour apple influence the bunch.

      Thank you.

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